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Topic: maronite love

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The morning is yours O Creator and Provider Source of all the universe, humanity and prosperity Open the doors of mercy and comfort The morning is yours May the beasts in their caves praise you, May the water in the riverbeds praise you, May the birds in their nests praise you, The morning is yours The morning is yours Whenever an eye blinks Whenever a leaf rustles The morning is yours May the sea and its waves praise you, May the earth and its grains praise you, The morning is yours O my Lord, my eyes see the crack of dawn, One hundred good mornings Good morning to Christ the Son, My heart has been filled with sin, My lips and tongue have cursed. O Lord, Creator of heaven and earth, forgive my sins, hide away my faults, I am under your throne. My soul fasts and prays, So that its oil does not run out And the wick is not left without anyone to light it. Our Lady love us, Keep us in your prayers, Clothe us with the gown of obedience, fasting, prayer, and contentment Intercede for us So that we receive the Eucharist In sanctity and purity Always.

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*marmite love

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