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Topic: Heat Strokin'.

Anonymous A started this discussion 6 days ago #74,365

I'm heat strokin',
while the monetary system's broken
Fans full blast,
this can't last,
but at least I'm tokin',
Half of y'all thought I was joking,
But I focus on my prognosis,
explosive capitalization,
hundredth of a cent per block,
do you still think this is a load of crock?
Up next: Achievement unlocked,
Topped a dollar a coin!

Got 50s rolling in, bout five times a day
Owning a Celeron paid, before the ASIC,
but that's the basis of an arms race,
some say the chain will bring the end of days,
but please hold your dispraise,
it would have happened anyways
and that's all that I'll say

but the Reward is dropping soon
and blocks running out of room,
more hardware starts coming online
fumes spewing from the pipeline
just bear the dips and spikes
The future will be alright

Heat strokin',
In the game full-time,
couldn't even fall asleep without the fans on full whine,
My OC had me worried, but I was sure I'd be fine
agonizing over any downtime cause there was money on line

but the Reward
might be dropping soon
and the blocks
running out of room,
hardware coming online
fumes spewing from pipelines
supply the market
Cause the future's alright

Heat Strokin',
Couldn't run the AC unit,
The AC running to my rig seemed more prudent
the temperature was just a nuisance
I'm not exclusive but
I'm producing solutions

The dollar signs in my eyes are no illusion.

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Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 6 days ago, 1 hour later[^] [v] #881,495

who does this
I hate this

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