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Topic: I'm considering getting a Mi box.

Ks started this discussion 5 months ago #69,244

Does anyone here have experience with them? If so, are they good?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 5 months ago, 3 minutes later[^] [v] #838,859
Read this carefully.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 5 months ago, 2 minutes later, 6 minutes after the original post[^] [v] #838,861

Xiaomi stuff is usually pretty good, but I haven't used this, I just use a Chromecast and/or hdmi cable to my laptop.

Ks (OP) replied with this 5 months ago, 22 hours later, 22 hours after the original post[^] [v] #839,091

@838,859 (B)
Thanks. It seems like it'll work out. It's too expensive, and it gets the job done. I have a raspberry pi sitting around unused, it's neat but it takes so much time to set up from scratch.

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