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Topic: Question about some weird shit

Sheila LaBeouf started this discussion 9 months ago #64,023

As far as I'm concerned, my mother is/was a monster. She abandoned her parents in her 20s until they died; she visited her mother every few years and did not act with the slightest trace of affection towards her when she did. Her mother had (according to her sister) stood up for them when their father became physically abusive, but she clearly didn't care about any of that.

Back when I was in first or second grade, my mother hit someone at an intersection while driving me back from school. He apologized and said that he hit her -- but her bumper went flying off and the front of her car crumpled; it was clear that the impact was as much from the front as it was from the side. She was driving a luxury sedan and he had an older car, but I'm not sure that was why this played out the way it did. He was visibly terrified of her and not just the accident - either because he thought he was at fault, or saw she was wealthy, or something.

When her husband had a stroke, she shipped him off to an area he'd never lived and flew down on weekends (using his money; she hadn't worked for the majority of her life) up until a few months before he died -- that she could even do any of this and face no repercussions baffles me. Don't ask why I didn't do anything, it's immaterial to this particular post/question and it wasn't possible. Let me just say that there's a reason I speak about them so distantly.

To my knowledge, she was nobody. Does anyone have any useful (e.g. not antagonistic or much further out in left field than this already is) insight as to what the hell gave her a right to act the way she did, and moreover how she got away with it? It seems so implausible to me that this whole thing is almost satirical.

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not reading all that shit

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Stopped reading at
> She abandoned her parents in her 20s

No adult can abandon their parents.

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