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Topic: Is anyone writing Kook fan ficton?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.2 year ago #61,007

The other guy stopped ages ago and I need a new fix. I tried writing some myself but it didn't turn out so well. In my fan ficton Kook always running away no matter what I try. Someone please write some new materal

Green !BEERiVqJJw joined in and replied with this 1.2 year ago, 7 minutes later[^] [v] #772,473

She will be featuring more in the minichanfic.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 1.2 year ago, 33 seconds later, 8 minutes after the original post[^] [v] #772,474

I farted at Kook and she ran away from me as I chased her and farted in her direction for miles and miles I never caught up with Kook and she outwitted me many times gaining quite some distance there was no hope of me ever catching Kook at this rate and then something incredible happened I grew giant robot legs and could run at 200 MPH i ran ran ran and ran until I was almost caught up with Kook and when I saw her she was getting into a Rocket Jet and taking off into the horizon suddenly I decided to sexually identify as a harrier jet and took off after Kook as reality warped around me in response to my bold lifestyle choice what ensued next was an epic edge of your seat dogfight the likes of which the world has never seen but Kook managed to dodge most of the assault so I gave up since this would continue no matter what I try Kook always gaining the upper hand so I gave into the crushing reality that I was a human and not a jet suddenly morphing back into a human shape and dropping down towards the ocean below it is a good thing there was an island there and I tried to land on it to be continued?

kook !!OPZbEQMT1 joined in and replied with this 1.2 year ago, 1 hour later, 1 hour after the original post[^] [v] #772,509

@previous (C)

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 1.2 year ago, 4 minutes later, 1 hour after the original post[^] [v] #772,511

I hope she encounters Bert and humiliates and blackmails him, making him do unspeakable acts for her amusement.

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