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Topic: Donald Trump farted and it smelled really bad

Buzzfeed !kGoudaMCFA started this discussion 1.3 year ago #58,708

Unverifiable reports indicate he may have a health problem and his farts stink really really bad. Is it true? That is up to you to decide but again there are reports (unverifiable) that his farts smell and he may have a health problem. However Vladimir Putin has made a statement that Trumps farts actually smell pretty nice (statement has not been verified) .

CNN !kGoudaMCFA (OP) double-posted this 1.3 year ago, 4 minutes later[^] [v] #750,237

Our sources at Buzzfeed have told us that Donald Trump's farts are super stinky. We have verified this by simulating a hologram of a Trumpfart and analyzing the particle cloud with a hypothetical spectrum analysis hologram. It smelled really bad too.

Donald Trump !kGoudaMCFA (OP) triple-posted this 1.3 year ago, 36 seconds later, 4 minutes after the original post[^] [v] #750,238

FAKE NEWS. Very sad.

Squeegee !faggot joined in and replied with this 1.3 year ago, 25 minutes later, 30 minutes after the original post[^] [v] #750,244

Putin has a video of Donald Trump farting during a visit to Moscow in 2013. Isn't it worrying that Vladimir Putin knows more about the President's farts than our domestic intelligence agencies??

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