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Topic: 2017 resolutions for white guys.

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Write in: Winning

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I personally find this absurdly repulsive thanks to its implication that Kanye West was somehow "less black" for announcing his support for Donald Trump. Not to mention his recent struggle with mental health issues. It was extremely poor taste.

Also bringing up "mansplaining" as a real topical issue is like taking issue with the choice of carpet on the Titanic as it sinks. It's so middle-class, white-female orientated, and frankly bizarre.

And their aiming at white men in particular. Why not white people at least? The aim specifically at white men, leaving white women untouched is so cynical to me. 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump. They clearly wanted to look brave, but were completely reluctant to actually commit to any "hard truths".

And that is without mentioning how fundamentally counter-productive it is. No single white man will watch that video and feel any more sympathetic to progressive causes. In fact it almost seems deliberate. Maybe a pro-Trumper commissioned that video.

I'm a white male though so I will almost certainly be biased however.

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There's no way this can backfire! 😎🍀👍

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