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Topic: "Farm fam fag fellator" has made a special request, so I need with my final post for few hours

Syntax started this discussion 1.4 year ago #58,661

I as all No R Dyslexic and I just read a reply in a thread from Farm fam fag fellator

If I understand him correctly he begged me to text speak more, but I am out of tyme so to Farm fam fag fellator

I leave you with my thanks of course - So pleased you want me 2 post more but I have a meeting to get to n not dressed yet 4

Topic of meeting is: Subchannel's in experiment xyz We have exceeded our ability to handle the in band distortion and the option of using a linear amplifier is not a possibility with 2016-17-19 technology forecast. What is the next step to increase the Subchannel's and at the same time, keep the out of band splatter from bugging FCC as well as driving AT&T and T-Mobile insane with traffic loss.

Trust me - the meeting is going to be a total waste of time. I will end up designing more Cans yes Cans aka Cavities to do what a Much faster Snapdragon is supposed 2do when its speed can be tripled and maybe 12 or 16 cores and Liquid Nitrogen cooling in both the base stations and Cell Phones is feasible.

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As a doctor, I find it puzzling that you somehow manage to type in perfectly intelligible English when you are anon or madposting, but not when you madpost anonymously.

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