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Topic: FAO: Syntax

★henn★ started this discussion 5.5 years ago #23,553

Do you have a menudo recipe?

Syntax joined in and replied with this 5.5 years ago, 24 minutes later[^] [v] #368,097

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> Do you have a menudo recipe?

As with Cassoulet and Bouillabaisse THERE are a few dishes that are best left to a Restaurant. I have made Bouillabaisse several times and its a world worth of hurt searching for the right fishes and shellfish to do that dish. Doubt I will do that again after about 5-6 attempts.

Did Peking Duck just Once - Requires a Bike Tire Pump! Did all that and will NEVER do it again given a Restaurant is set up for the many step tasks as well as the very special oven necessary.

Cassoulet is a 3 day many step process and did just once and never again.

Tripe have not nor will try that one. Anyone who has walked into a home Kitchen when its prepared will run the hell away. Henn I know you are black and you're going to kill me but the one and only food I have not held down and I have eaten stuff all over the world but for some reason Chitlins that texture just made me run to the bathroom to toss. Black friends that brought it all the way from St Louis dad cooked it just for me.

So Tripe buried in so many cooked dishes I love but just cannot get past the Tripe for Chitlins - Maybe if fried?

So NO after one smell of Menudo cooking, I will never do that dish in my kitchen. OUT DOORS? Hummmmmmm one of my B-B-Q's has three burners for pots. San Diego is in overload with varieties of Menudo but only on weekends.

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