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You are expected to use your common sense as well for anything that is currently missing from this list. It is still being expanded and polished. (No particular order.)

  1. Absolutely no spam of any kind, including referral/"make cash by linking"/"short URL" links and "signatures". Any Web site spammed here will get its address permanently added as a banned phrase, or worse.
  2. No "chan drama". Any accusations (or even insinuations) of spam, attacks or any other topic in any way related to Minichan and any of the chans is not allowed. It doesn't matter how well you put it. We've had more than enough (and then some!) of that nonsense here.
  3. Always do your very best to write "perfect" texts. You are not expected to write a novel or any kind of advanced English, really, as long as the stuff you do write is correct in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you don't know how to use fancy punctuation, just write simple sentences! Incorrect spelling is "unforgivable" due to spell checking, but grammar is trickier. Try to keep things "on your level" a simple but correct text is better than an advanced text that is incorrect. If you are not a native English speaker and you haven't received proper education, but it is obvious that you try your very best to form English sentences, your post will be accepted. Please mention this, though. Slang and smileys are OK. So-called "textspeak" or "Internet English" is not.
  4. Sentences begin with a capital letter. Questions end with question marks. Acronyms are typed in upper-case. These are very basic rules that anyone who has ever spent one hour studying English must know. Always use this basic knowledge here!
  5. Don't ask questions about the board (or post at all, really) before you have carefully read the FAQ and explored all the sections of the entire Web site.
  6. Completely ignore the trolls and crappy posts. Abuse report them and then pretend that they don't exist at all as they will sooner or later get removed. Replying to them or in any way acknowledging their existence only messes up the topic, creates lots of extra moderation work and may get you banned and shitlisted as well.
  7. No matter how tempting, do NOT tell anyone about the fact that you reported them!
  8. Think of every topic as a separate "universe" which should not refer to any other topics, except for useful links, etc. A topic should always make sense stand-alone with no background information or context.
  9. If a reply does not cite any other reply, it is to be assumed that it is a reply to the OP or to the discussion (so far) in general. It is possible to do "@OP", but this is only to be used, optionally, in the relatively rare cases when you cite other posts and then want to include a comment to the original post/poster in the same reply.
  10. Replies must be 100% on-topic (of course you can include short off-topic remarks in the same reply which is otherwise on-topic) and helpful (never tell people to "Google it" or something similar (assuming that the topic is a question/request)). Never be afraid of "branching" a discussion by starting a new topic whenever there is even a slight risk that the discussion will drift off-topic.
  11. Read not only the headline, but also the topic body (carefully!) and at least skim any and all replies before replying.
  12. Never use "short URL" services as this is considered spam. Post real URLs!
  13. When linking to news, try to find the real, original source. Don't link to crappy blogs or other "middlemen" if it can be avoided.
  14. Do not start more topics about the board itself if at least one of the last 100 topics is a topic about the board. There are often far too many topics about the board itself, usually about things already covered in the FAQ or elsewhere on the site. Make "real" topics instead!
  15. Always respect the privacy of everyone using the board, including yourself, and anyone you refer to in posts. Do not post, or provoke others to post, any personal information, including e-mail addresses. Do not try to identify anonymous posters.
  16. Respect the topic starter ("Original Poster") and his/her intentions with the topic. Of course you can disagree, but don't hi-jack it to spread your own agenda.
  17. Never assume that people know what you are talking about. This board has NO SPECIFIC THEME, so always clearly state what the hell you are talking/asking about.
  18. If a mod provides you a poster's contact information, then you must contact that poster. To do otherwise is RUDE and against the rules.
  19. Turn on your brain and don't make the board think for you. Its filters and logic are able to stop some of the worst junk from being posted, but it is just not possible for it to detect all errors. Simply seeing no errors in the spell checker and being able to publish a post is not any kind of guarantee that the post is perfect or even good enough to keep.
  20. Don't just say "see the headline" or something like that in your topic's body. Use the body to add details, examples, extra information, etc., if your headline is a "straight-forward" question.
  21. Don't bitch about a topic being "revived" in the "revived" topic. (Posters can "revive" bullied topics after a certain number of days if nobody replied to them the first time.)
  22. No posts that are "public questions for moderators and administrators". Use the private message system for that.
  23. On April Fools' Day do not point out the joke.
  24. "Seeing something done" (a rule violation) does NOT mean that it's OK for you to do the same; it only means that it has not yet been found out. Report it.
  25. Think globally. Not everyone lives in your country. Include such vital information when asking legal questions, etc.
  26. Never Always use the board while drunk, "high", very tired or in any other way "unfocused" or "out of your mind". Also, never let anyone else use your ID. You are solely responsible for what is posted using it, and it is far from sure that you will be believed when you blame a troll post on your "stupid little brother" or "idiot friends".
  27. NEVER share your internal ID/account with ANYONE! Do not let others vote in polls or post as themselves using your ID. You will be banned as soon as your poster account is found acting as both female and male.

Please respect the innovation and uniqueness of this place and do not support plagiarism and thieves.