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Upcoming events

Description Web address Date ? Time left
Nexi's one year tranniversary! 2017-03-15 3 weeks
Happy Maddiversary Dave! 2017-11-05 8 months
A man is brutally sodomised by a duck 2018-04-07 1.1 year
Your child asks, "Why didn't you invest in Eastern Poland?" 2020-05-03 3.3 years
A duck is brutally sodomised by a man. Again. 2020-05-23 3.3 years
2021 Minichan Coup d'état 2021-01-19 4 years
A duck brutally sodomises a man within an inch of his life. Tears are shed. 2022-07-01 5.5 years
Cupcake's hand heals 2023-05-30 6.4 years
Frisbee doge is no longer a meme 2023-07-20 6.6 years
Green reappears 2023-10-09 6.8 years
Walter finally finds the feminine dick. 2035-05-15 18.6 years
Cathy tells Kook what made her feel like she hates her. 2037-09-11 21 years
An updated version of TinyBBS is released. 2451-10-10 21.4 years
Green finds true love 3000-01-01 21.4 years
Sim reappears! 2063-06-11 21.4 years
OP stops being a faggot. 2083-06-21 21.4 years
h stops saying h 9001-12-31 21.4 years
cccuuunnttt stops being a cunt 2384-05-26 21.4 years
100th anniversary of Syntax's invention of Syntax. http:// 2042-08-25 21.4 years
Years are properly sorted and time remaining is properly calculated. http:// 2112-12-21 21.4 years
Syntax dies in 30 years, on his birthday aged 102 2044-08-25 21.4 years