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the civil war was really about the right to pony fuck Admin 23 hours
Love yourself! ? 1 day
Latest Patch Notes: [-] Shitposting has been nerfed. [+] Quality posts have been buffed. ? 4 days
Try to not repeat yourself, or say the same thing you have just said ? 4 days
Please don't anthropomorphize. The animals hate it when you do that. ? 6 days
The constitution cannot protect people, it is people that protect the constitution. ? 1 week
There are mysterious comments that seem to appear that say I am troll. It's obvious they are monitoring me and trying to stifle free expression. ? 1 week
Big data is good and all, but I'm more excited for huge data. ? 1 week
Big data is like big tobacco. Presumed to be safe for decades and when we understood the cancer it brought, it was hard for people to quit. ? 1 week
Just because it isn't popular doesn't mean it's bad. ? 2 weeks
Are you a mathmatician or do you just really enjoy tangents? ? 2 weeks
I just had my vagina cleaned this week and I'm very picky about what goes inside of it and who goes inside of it. ? 2 weeks
There is not a single intelligent poster left on this board. I am being forced to consider ending this project for good. ? 2 weeks
Is that what an anus looks like without hair? ? 2 weeks
Like you know how to fly a chopper..pussy.. Admin 3 weeks
I just Facebooked your mom ? 3 weeks
I thought medicine was a great scientific career until I discovered it involved a lot of suffering, sick people. ? 3 weeks
I almost bled to death playing Battlefield 2 with my mates at an internet cafe in Newmarket (I could feel the blood rush out of me but I didn't do anything till we finished the round).

The reason for the bleeding was from a miscarriage a year prior & I was never quite clear of the exact cause of the bleeding but they performed another D&C procedure & that fixed things right up

? 3 weeks
When you're wrong you keep getting angrier because you know you're wrong. ? 3 weeks
There are way too many fucking psycho trolls and bots polluting this board with their worthless shit. Many more quality posters are needed. ? 4 weeks
I have Tourette's ? 4 weeks
I have a parrot ? 4 weeks
Is a parrot an appropriate pet for someone with Tourette's syndrome? ? 1 month
what am i looking at
i think i see butthole
? 1 month
Communism has never worked other than in the imaginations of young, ignorant people who actually live in capitalist countries. ? 1 month
Have you heard of Facebook? They're saying it's the new Myspace! ? 1 month
if the earth is round then why am I white but some people are black? ? 1 month
🅱️ Mod 1 month
I need an injection. An injection of quality topics.
~The Board
? 1 month
Can I post bulletins nao? ? 1 month
You can not post bulletins at this time. Mod 1 month
The inner mechanisms of my mind are an enigma. ? 1 month
you can only be yourself as long you're good looking, intelligent, charming, humorous and your quriks are socially acceptable ? 1 month
I'm not going into too much deal for personal reasons, but I was held down and beaten by 3 individuals at a house party. I was head locked, punched 30-40 times in the ribs, face, back, etc. ? 1 month
Or go = orgy ? 1 month
How do you imagine it's a woman when you have a dick in your mouth? ? 1 month
Support your local Police, for a more efficient Police State. ? 1 month
How is she a bigot? Because she has political views you don't like? ? 1 month
Well at least we can try some geothermal cooked seal full of game birds ? 1 month
Women who chow down on other women are doomed to ever lasting Whatever

? 1 month
You don't know pain until you try to get your boobs, butt, & face in the same photo ? 1 month
Mainland China people need to have some manners. They are always disrespectful, and rude. But not all of them. When the come to Hong Kong's theme park they will pee and poo in corners and cut lines. Sometimes they make me ashamed to be Chinese. On behalf of all Chinese people, I sincerely apologize for our behavior. ? 1 month
Minichan: Now with a new improved advanced formula for proactive shitposting activity ? 1 month
Ever notice that in every image or sculpture of Jesus on the cross he looks ripped af and with a six pack of abs?
? 1 month
Dude, I was gonna be cross, but you nailed it.
? 1 month
Oh look everyone it's Clyde the whiny beta with the homosexual turtle! 😂 🌈🐢
? 2 months
TG has taken time out from his busy schedule of molesting children to madpost on MC for a while, but don't worry he will soon don an opera cape and prance off. ? 2 months
There is no such topic. It may have been deleted. ? 2 months
do female vampires have periods? asking for a friend. ? 2 months