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Dude, I was gonna be cross, but you nailed it.
? 1 day
Oh look everyone it's Clyde the whiny beta with the homosexual turtle! πŸ˜‚ 🌈🐒
? 4 days
TG has taken time out from his busy schedule of molesting children to madpost on MC for a while, but don't worry he will soon don an opera cape and prance off. ? 4 days
There is no such topic. It may have been deleted. ? 5 days
do female vampires have periods? asking for a friend. ? 6 days
TG doesn't really identify as trans though. It's something more like "I wish I had been born female but I don't want to transition so I'll just be an effeminate crossdresser".
? 6 days
Do you judge white men who mate with Asian women? ? 1 week
Minichan hath no fury like a mod scorned ? 2 weeks
I have a pretty badass cat food can scar right on my knuckle ? 2 weeks
More women should be willing to know how to fix things.
You can't always be sure there is a man around to do it for you.
? 2 weeks
Stop comparing everything to top gun. This situation is nothing like top gunο»Ώ ? 2 weeks
New Zealanders, who are generally β€œhighly tolerant”, made it particularly poignant ? 3 weeks
Stereotypes in general must be viewed with caution. They apply to an aggregate but not necessarily to any particular individual. They are useful only as indicators of some interrelated cultural norms brought about by historical circumstance. ? 3 weeks
Portland shit tier coffee is a terrible gift and not appreciated at all. ? 3 weeks
Man does not live by Helvetica and Times Roman alone. ? 4 weeks
Hare Krsna ? 4 weeks
The views and opinions expressed in the bulletins are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Minichan ? 1 month
The boy shorts were also eaten by my ass. My ass eats all underwear ? 1 month
> I feel like Im going to end up dating a tranny or a crossdresser at the very least

Oh hai were ^_^
? 1 month
Hell its simple to reply to a reply, ya tell em to go get right fucked n piss up a rope, so now, you know! Knowleded is power!ο»Ώ ? 1 month
I admire any woman that rejects me because that means they have good taste in men and fully functional reasoning skills ? 1 month
I think it's time to make a toast! What would you like on your slice? ? 1 month
I smelled a rat when r04r offered it ? 1 month
To whomever is reading this have a great and inspiring day.ο»Ώ Thanks ? 1 month
I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested. ? 1 month
The movies in my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so ? 1 month
I feel like Im going to end up dating a tranny or a crossdresser at the very least ? 1 month
Hare Krsna ? 1 month
It was roughly equivalent to how I imagine a middle aged woman feels when she's told she doesn't look a day over 25 ? 1 month
I blame the ocean, it's what divides us as people ? 1 month
It just goes to show, if you overload your meat rocket it'll go off in your face. ? 1 month
The dadrock timeloop is from the 60's to the 90's ? 1 month
If You Do Not Agree Then GO AWAY!!! I think it's HOT and LOVE To Double Team a Girl With My 100 lb Pitt Bull You Should Try It Sometime... Admin 1 month
Do you fucking understand this, women? Do you understand that you’re being controlled by men in dresses to make sure that you don’t get too out of hand and start demanding anything like, oh, I don’t know, actual liberation from male rule? ? 1 month
This is a problem... ? 1 month
Reminder: rudeness can get you banned. Please remember to be courteous to your fellow minions. Mod 1 month
cats have probably no concept of gender and it's beautiful Admin 1 month
This swift really happened fast. ? 2 months
I don't often can't even, but... here we are ? 2 months
I have always had an obsession for cock. It is the perfect sexual organ. ? 2 months
youarenowbrowsingmanually ? 2 months
Military grade shitposting ? 2 months
Am I wrong ? I ask you ? Am I wrong? Should I ask my motha? ” Mom ? Mom ? Am I wrong? Am I ? No ! My Motha says no. ? 2 months
You know you've hit rock bottom when you dream of getting private messages from trannies. Admin 2 months
This is Dave's life now. It's all he has left. ? 2 months
You need to be logged in to log out. Please log in to log out. ? 2 months
Nice madpost ? 2 months
Definitely try and avoid deaths though they'll look into you heavy and that's never good. ? 2 months
but hey at least you're white congrats! ? 2 months
As far as I'm concerned, you're already exacting your revenge on people by calling them "ppl" ? 2 months