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When he is on here he is willingly supported by a cohort of fellow wreckers who just enjoy the carnage. One of them is a prolific poster. ? 16 hours
I might well be going down the Negro Hoogaboog Service route myself, with a fat nigger cock in my cum filled throat. ? 1 day
lol...please make dozens of posts begging for my unbanning
? 3 days
A description for this bulletin is not available because of this site's robots.txt ? 4 days
I wouldn't lie to you unless it was in real life, face to face. ? 5 days
Dutch cyclists have a special evolutionary adaption that allows them to fold their genitals up inside of their pelvic bone to let them cycle more efficiently. ? 5 days
Turns out I'm a crying bitch when high. I have to go punch something to feel manly again. And I'm a woman. ? 1 week
Coffee is really just coffee flavoured water ? 1 week
Being in pain does not necessarily ruin your life, it does however remind you that you are still alive. ? 1 week
Thank you <username> for your <{well-reasoned, funny, butthurt}> report! We at <chan name> believe that <{all, most, some, your}> opinions are very important, and look forward to a continued dialogue to help serve you better.


<moderator username>
? 2 weeks
Minichan offers a gateway for shallow relationships and emotionally detached communication. We know drama. ? 2 weeks
I am NOT going to end up with any kind of Dementia - However a Satellite could hit me on head while out SURFING n hurt my brain ? 2 weeks
i can touch everything in my bathroom from my toilet pretty much ? 2 weeks
I don't think the world hates USAmericans. Maybe you're just an asshole. ? 3 weeks
シンタックスはばかだ ? 3 weeks
Beer can and bacon sound the exact same if you speak in a Jamaican accent. ? 3 weeks
;0 ? 3 weeks
Also, hummus is good for Diabetus. ? 3 weeks
As a white male I ugh at the Mexicans ? 3 weeks
I'm sure it typed out image spam all by itself ? 4 weeks
We are working with our vendor to get a resolution to this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the workaround is: HAHAHA go fuck a shit up your ass
? 1 month
The only thing more experienced and thicker than her fingers is her penis. ? 1 month
All my straight friends are gay. ? 1 month
You call up a buddy on the phone, "Hi, is that Bill? Bill hi, it's Steve. Bill buddy - our leisure time...hahahahaha!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! OUR LEISURE TIME BILL! OH!! HA! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Ooooooh mercy!" ? 1 month
Is there any way the Lepton chains can be isoconverted to run a triple hexofractal on the fourth dynamic bulge? ? 1 month
I know Becky will bitch that my opinion was unwanted but the whore is a lesbian chauvinist matriarch anyway so here goes nothing ? 1 month
I would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie. ? 1 month
Aw!!!!! ? 1 month
you are eliciting a genuine ugh from me right now ? 1 month
shut up retard ? 1 month
ugh now you're making me sound like walter ugh ? 1 month
Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is? ? 1 month
Not once never ever have I let a little period blood get in the way of.

Did once however wake up in morning with bed all red as all fuck and after taking a piss and looks in mirror and my face was was was ovulating
? 1 month
im starting to get some muscle definition and i can actually see my dick when i look down, all in all things are going my way ? 1 month
I don't care what everyone says. I like r04r ? 1 month
You know becky, mocking the moderation is much like making love to a beautiful woman
You've got to laugh the huge
yay the snes
and finally program the touchpads.

? 1 month
=! != != Thanks ? 1 month
This bulletin has been overwritten by a script to protect this user's privacy. It was created to help protect users from dox, stalking, and harassment. ? 1 month
The Clintons and Bushes are both criminal families. ? 1 month
You're using retarded degenerates as an excuse to argue for the system's abandonment of all artists. ? 1 month
Fuck Apple! - sent from my iPhone ? 2 months
Nooit wordt je meer dan een tip van de penis opgelicht ? 2 months
Yummy! Feed me more original quality posts! Many more! Constantly! They taste sooo good! Nam-nam-nam! ^_^ ? 2 months
If you are tempted to masturbate, think of having to bathe in a tub of worms, and eat several of them as you do the act. ? 2 months
Then my eyes zoomed in with precision. ? 2 months
You are a shitty human being kook. I am being responsible adult, understanding that yes, I do swing from being happy to sad, not violent to non-violent, seeing professionals, taking their input but you do not give a shit about that because I am transgender and you hate me for that and that is what this is about. ? 2 months
You stupid shit head. You've just made me hate you, when I hadn't before. ? 2 months
Why is almost nobody coming here? Why is nobody who does come here actually using the board? It's dead. Fucking dead! Completely silent. No activity. Nothing is happening. Ever. Always. It makes no fucking sense. You gladly use awfully shitty sites made by idiots, but not extremely well done and run ones by people who actually put their soul and huge amounts of thought and time into making something truly original, such as AT. That makes no sense whatsoever. You are all retarded sheep. ? 2 months
Pissing dominance is only effective while making eye contact. Everyone knows that. ? 2 months