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hows about a little more afternoons work with the palette cowgirl or not -

I have other ideas aboard if you should run out.
? 7 hours
I think that if you simply leave a comment you are a commenter. If you keep up a commentary on the comments of other commenters you might be a commentator. I'm not sure where you would fall if you were commenting on the comments of a commentator. Probably a shitposter ? 1 day
✡🔫😀 ? 5 days
Hey Syntax: This is off-topic, but I'm writing a book on MCA DiscoVision and I've seen you mention your involvement with the project elsewhere here, so I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a private discussion. Thanks! ? 6 days
I use to think "brought to you by" was "Brotieued By" I assumed from context clues to "brotieu" was to "sponser" ? 1 week
Feels dirty having to register for a place where men who lick shit off dicks hang out ? 2 weeks
I never troll because I believe everything that I say. ? 3 weeks
You want to post, you got to pay the troll toll ? 3 weeks
Sometimes I just wait around to be banned. ? 3 weeks
t[sub]i[sub]n[/sub]y[/sub]di[sup]ck[/sup]s ? 3 weeks
я не люблю людей ? 3 weeks
You will be banned as soon as your poster account is found acting as both female and male. ? 4 weeks
What does being rightwing or leftwing have to do with hating jews? ? 4 weeks
When he is on here he is willingly supported by a cohort of fellow wreckers who just enjoy the carnage. One of them is a prolific poster. ? 1 month
I might well be going down the Negro Hoogaboog Service route myself, with a fat nigger cock in my cum filled throat. ? 1 month
lol...please make dozens of posts begging for my unbanning
? 1 month
A description for this bulletin is not available because of this site's robots.txt ? 1 month
I wouldn't lie to you unless it was in real life, face to face. ? 1 month
Dutch cyclists have a special evolutionary adaption that allows them to fold their genitals up inside of their pelvic bone to let them cycle more efficiently. ? 1 month
Turns out I'm a crying bitch when high. I have to go punch something to feel manly again. And I'm a woman. ? 1 month
Coffee is really just coffee flavoured water ? 1 month
Being in pain does not necessarily ruin your life, it does however remind you that you are still alive. ? 1 month
Thank you <username> for your <{well-reasoned, funny, butthurt}> report! We at <chan name> believe that <{all, most, some, your}> opinions are very important, and look forward to a continued dialogue to help serve you better.


<moderator username>
? 1 month
Minichan offers a gateway for shallow relationships and emotionally detached communication. We know drama. ? 1 month
I am NOT going to end up with any kind of Dementia - However a Satellite could hit me on head while out SURFING n hurt my brain ? 1 month
i can touch everything in my bathroom from my toilet pretty much ? 1 month
I don't think the world hates USAmericans. Maybe you're just an asshole. ? 1 month
シンタックスはばかだ ? 1 month
Beer can and bacon sound the exact same if you speak in a Jamaican accent. ? 1 month
;0 ? 1 month
Also, hummus is good for Diabetus. ? 1 month
As a white male I ugh at the Mexicans ? 1 month
I'm sure it typed out image spam all by itself ? 2 months
We are working with our vendor to get a resolution to this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the workaround is: HAHAHA go fuck a shit up your ass
? 2 months
The only thing more experienced and thicker than her fingers is her penis. ? 2 months
All my straight friends are gay. ? 2 months
You call up a buddy on the phone, "Hi, is that Bill? Bill hi, it's Steve. Bill buddy - our leisure time...hahahahaha!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! OUR LEISURE TIME BILL! OH!! HA! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Ooooooh mercy!" ? 2 months
Is there any way the Lepton chains can be isoconverted to run a triple hexofractal on the fourth dynamic bulge? ? 2 months
I know Becky will bitch that my opinion was unwanted but the whore is a lesbian chauvinist matriarch anyway so here goes nothing ? 2 months
I would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie. ? 2 months
Aw!!!!! ? 2 months
you are eliciting a genuine ugh from me right now ? 2 months
shut up retard ? 2 months
ugh now you're making me sound like walter ugh ? 2 months
Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is? ? 2 months
Not once never ever have I let a little period blood get in the way of.

Did once however wake up in morning with bed all red as all fuck and after taking a piss and looks in mirror and my face was was was ovulating
? 2 months
im starting to get some muscle definition and i can actually see my dick when i look down, all in all things are going my way ? 2 months
I don't care what everyone says. I like r04r ? 2 months
You know becky, mocking the moderation is much like making love to a beautiful woman
You've got to laugh the huge
yay the snes
and finally program the touchpads.

? 2 months
=! != != Thanks ? 2 months