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Too late I'm triggered ? 15 hours
U wot m8? ? 2 days
Official Fora Announcement: Potatoes are a vegetable. Thanks. ? 5 days
"Women are holes, and niggers should die. No seriously I hate them"
~Harry Potter

? 1 week
If you raid the trash outside stores and find a receipt for something someone paid cash for and shoplift whatever is on the receipt, you can return it for a full price refund. You will also find shoplifting relatively easy when carrying a receipt for the product you are stealing. ? 1 week
I hate it when the word "just" is used on anything more than $20. ? 1 week
Going Indy, in terms of employment and debts, is to shirk all responsibility and act like the victim. Thanks ? 2 weeks
pobodys nerfect ? 2 weeks
I have a fat nigger cock in my cum filled throat ? 2 weeks
What if it was ET doing all the alien anal probes with that finger of his in order to rid you of the cancer caused by his spacecraft? ? 3 weeks
Please disable your Adblocker so we can serve you drive-by malware ? 3 weeks
fyi: using selective gaussian blur with a blur radius of 5 and a max delta of 15 is a good way to remove jpeg artifacts from images with low- to moderate compression levels without sacrificing clarity ? 3 weeks
I may have been exaggerating to make a joke on the internet. ? 1 month
So the snake inspired the horse to commit a deviant crime. That is how the horse became a freak. ? 1 month
Have you ever seen a man sexually excite a male cat? What gender did you inhabit while you watched it? ? 1 month
Fuzzy random programming with equilibrium chance constraints. ? 1 month
Swordfish have no eyelids ? 1 month
This Bulletin was deleted.
? 1 month
Is this supposed to be an intelligent response? ? 1 month
Critics perceive highly attractive actresses to be less competent professionally than their peers. ? 1 month
Hitler Ate My Neighbors ? 1 month
Grandmother Firefighter Kills Anyone Who Masturbates. ? 1 month
Tinychan died because those stupid fucks didn't spread the word. SPREAD THE WORD YOU STUPID FUCKS! SPREAD THE FUCKING WORD AND POST MORE THREADS YOU WORTHLESS FUCKTARDS! ? 1 month
I always eat and drink just the right amount. I haven't shit or pissed in 3 years. ? 1 month
If Hillary is elected, it might be the first time in history that two presidents have had sex with each other. ? 1 month
Don't bother trying to understand women. Women understand women, and they fucking hate each other. ? 1 month
grrrrrrrr do NOT click on that link and expect results. Its r04r coding issue - to make it work copypasta the link in browser and add at end of url two 10 myle dashes across ocean a blue. ? 2 months
I told him its a huge turnoff to me and he says he doesnt care because hes not farting to turn me on. ? 2 months
I think it's a reference to gay sex. ? 2 months
This proves that money makes everything better. ? 2 months
Honk. Honk. Honk. Honk. ? 2 months
One only goes to court for one thing, money. That's all you'll ever get as that's all the court can ever award; whatever bad thing happened on the underlying incident can never be fixed. ? 2 months
You'll eat around a bruise on fruit because that's gross, but you'll tongue a girls asshole. ? 2 months
If you really want to rob people, don't work at a bank - start your own. ? 2 months
Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough. ? 2 months
Isn't it strange that we have a little voice in our heads? Like the one that you used to read this. ? 2 months
Of course even the abandoned houses in the UK have a degree of class to them! ? 2 months
Disgusting charlatans. Jesus Christ didn't require a private jet to commune with God. ? 2 months
If you can't be a good example, be a valid warning. ? 2 months
everyone was gone yet we remained in a hateful discussion ? 2 months
If Jesus turned the dishes into wine, he'd have more supporters. ? 2 months
hårė kršńä ? 22 hours
? 1 day
? 1 week
? 2 months
Jesus does the dishes. ? 2 months
бдсм порно ? 2 months
I was going to do the dishes, but then I thought: "Is this going to end racism?" ? 3 months
In the 90's if you talked to people on the internet everyone thought you had no friends. Now not talking to people on the internet makes everyone think you have no friends. ? 3 months
obama promised mad reform up in this bitch ? 3 months
I'm like a binge eater and shitposting is food ? 3 months
hårė kršńä ? 22 hours
? 1 day
? 3 months