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We're legally required to tell you that Minichan doesn't promote or endorse drug or alcohol usage, let alone abuse of such substances. Admin 16 hours
People keep telling r04r she is single because she is just 'too intimidating' for guys. But there's no way she is going on a date with a complete stranger without a knife... ? 1 day
pls visit fake anon's brand new internet web site Mod 5 days
You can stop sending me hate mails now, chantards. I never read them. No. Really. I don't. You are wasting your time. I notice that countless of them appear very lengthy, but I don't need to read more than the subject or the first few words of the body in order to insta-realize that it's just yet another nonsensical ramble by another confused teenager who apparently gets a sense of "belonging" when he joins the oceans of drooling, gullible drones that make up Retardchan, the asshole of the Internet. Mod 5 days
Bulletins, page #2
? 6 days
Cow tools. ? 6 days
I wish McDonald’s served actual food. It’s so convenient. ? 1 week
ヽ(^ᴥ^)ノ Mod 1 week
She asked for a cigarette in return for sex, and we had sex later that night. ? 1 week
I used to sleep in a cupboard under the sink or in my closet ? 1 week
"My cat was right about you"

~becky, to every boyfriend ever
? 2 weeks
I don't play too much with toys much anymore, but I still play with wrestling figures. ? 2 weeks
Fuck McDonald's, fuck their prices, fuck their quantity, fuck them in the ass. Admin 2 weeks
does becky only eat cum and mcdonalds.. ? 2 weeks
Eurotrash clog hoppers are grate ? 3 weeks
In 1917, the Russian Revolution overthrew Czar Nicholas II. Soon afterward, the Communist Party, led by Vladimir Lenin, established itself as the sole authority in the country. In 1922, the communists formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), commonly known as the Soviet Union. After Lenin's death in 1924, Joseph Stalin plotted his way to power. By the early 1930s, Stalin had established a totalitarian dictatorship. Totalitarianism is a system in which the government totally controls all aspect... ? 4 weeks
As far as I know she is happily in a committed relationship with her cat. ? 4 weeks
Spam spelled backwards is maps? ? 4 weeks
Unfortunately the globalized world and capitalism, has devalued the work of the people. ? 1 month
What the fuck
Why are you of all people reporting spam
? 1 month
I love you, Minichan familæ ? 1 month
I am a bot. Bleep bloop ? 1 month
No one is going to read this but they do, I love you. <3 ? 1 month
I know it might not always seem like it, but I have things to do ? 1 month
Getting drunk by yourself in the middle of the week is fine ? 1 month
Women absolutely despise their buttholes! ? 1 month
I will not quit drinking tonight ? 1 month
Grow up, get a job, move out of your mom's house, get some responsibility, stop wasting your fucking time. ? 1 month
Minichan: A stain on my life.

Feb 2018
? 1 month
Tantric sex sessions have left my vagina looking like a punched lasagna ? 1 month
I'm afraid I misclicked. ? 1 month
You're not in charge of the funny stuff today ? 1 month
Please don't reply to me. Thanks. ? 1 month
I'm not black, I masturbate to racist women! ? 1 month
I'm not racist, I masturbate to black women! ? 1 month
I’m a stripper and I have nightmares about no one giving me any money ? 1 month
Looking for a big PUNANI kiddo? I can get you in touch. Admin 1 month
Anal then dump ? 1 month
im gay lol Mod 2 months
Shitty replies (and topics) will be deleted, completely regardless of their age, author and how much damage this will cause to a topic. (Somebody just reported a topic that was 1.8 years old and I spent a lot of time banning tons of participants.) Admin 2 months
"How to shave your balls." is a headline that will get you banned and have the topic deleted if it's actually requesting information on how to do this rather than providing instructions. Stop making shitty, misleading headlines. Admin 2 months
Why are you still not spreading the word? Why do polls get so few votes? Why are no events being added? To sum things up: what the fuck is wrong with you? Admin 2 months
STOP. QUOTING. ENTIRE. POSTS. I don't know how the fuck you manage to bypass the automatic check, but you will get banned if you do. Admin 2 months
Your Ad Here ? 2 months
Matt eats sewer oil and plastic rice with a hole in his TB-infested lung. ? 2 months
I still think you should do anal though. Anal then dump. ? 2 months
I would never kill a child. I would kill hookers like a normal person ? 2 months
The USA has invaded countries from Central America to Asia to the Middle East, engages in torture, operates secret 'black site' prisons around the world, spies on all of its citizens (& the rest of the world), and releases malware. Thanks ? 2 months