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There just aren't a lot of eligible single people where I am, which is mostly on my couch. ? 2 days
it is 11:20 pm
about time the bulletin board was fixed..
? 3 days
do you know whats going on its Fake_Anon use becky for his own personal ego he use her to show he is a good moderator wich its not even true he is sick and look at the obeagle he use becky he is not even there for her but its scientificly proove by passing time with a woman you chimicly transform her brain so she cant get away from you this is what he do modern time woman slavery!!!! ? 3 days
test ? 5 days
beckybeck...are you out there.. its me bertybert...hope this week has been a pleasure for you...doll..
? 1 week
Dr Rieger said the study's conclusion that women who identified as being completely gay were much more aroused by their preferred sex was "amazing" ? 2 weeks
👮🏻 + 🙌🏿 = ☠ ? 2 weeks
There are Dutch women who forsake sleep and, with bloodshot eyes, play erotic PC games deep into the night, oblivious to their own deteriorating health. ? 2 weeks
doot doot ? 2 weeks
honk honk ? 3 weeks
flaccid christopher eccleston dick is MUCH worse ? 3 weeks
The latest trend is not almond milk or soy milk, it's beef milk. Health food shops are selling milk that has been filtered through beef! ? 3 weeks
Minichan: jew free for 12 hours! ? 3 weeks
ZoooOOOoooOOOOOOOOooooM--------------------------------------------------------------------> ? 3 weeks
это день сурка ? 3 weeks
If a chicken had a penis, could it whistle out of its penis? ? 3 weeks
The truth is that I'm mentally a nigger. I try very hard to be "white" these days. I blame Minichan ? 4 weeks
fucking geweldig ? 4 weeks
I want to nibble aggressively on your gigantic clit until you scream my name and squirt on me like niagra falls.. ? 4 weeks
TRIGGER WARNING: According to the most-basic tenets of psychology, helping people with anxiety disorders avoid the things they fear is misguided. ? 1 month
And what about them Alien Moon Rocks? Isn't that why we gave up on having a habitat on the Moon? Something really creepy that altered people and was a top secret reason we cannot be there? I think Mars has better potential for future life, I could see the reason why nations would want a stake in space, but really, if it were a place we could go to and actually live, we would already have cities built up by now. ? 1 month
Le girl I have a life faec xD
Gotta fuck chadxdddd
? 1 month
All fun and games until someone gets orange juice in their urethra. ? 1 month
PSA: a nigger just tongued my anus, and my butthole literally feels cleaner than w/ a bidet. that shall be all. ? 1 month
? 1 month
My toilet has been fucked up for a while and I piss in the sink, which has garbage disposal and I shit in a bucket. Lol. ? 1 month
Minichan is basically youtube comments without all the videos ? 1 month
*insert tired cliche* ? 1 month
Canned pears are grate. Will def. use that tip. ? 1 month
Tomorrow, go to your local grocery store and buy all the canned pears they have. I know a guy with inside information. You're gonna win big on this one guys, trust me. ? 1 month
Es día de la marmota! ? 1 month
I bet that's Mexican for Groundhog day. You damn Mexicans. ? 1 month
Las bolas de mi gato estan en fuego ? 1 month
It's Groundhog Day! ? 1 month
Anything here? Nope. ? 1 month
Still nothing here. ? 1 month
Damn fucking right! ? 1 month
There's nothing here! Admin 1 month
Do you have downs? Did your mother drop you on your head as a child? What the fuck is wrong with you? Facebook ? 1 month
Matt has had his bottom smacked and is spending timeout in his room ? 2 months
In some countries, a theft from the national cheese museum might sound like the plot for an animated children's film. In the Netherlands, however, cheese is serious business ? 2 months
Matt for mod 2015. Thanks alot! ? 2 months
honk honk honk ? 2 months
> Oh Baby, I kiss the keys you type on! THANKS!!!

~Matt to r04r, after being unbanned
? 2 months
? 2 months
Everyone misses Matt ? 2 months
I have a sudden urge to dance merrily... ? 2 months
This UID is currently banned. The ban was filed 3 days ago and will last indefinitely. Admin 2 months
How do you get your pencil so sharp? ? 2 months
Meowth's birthday. ? 2 months