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I'm such a loser why are you fucking me? ? 6 days
the stigma of playing with dead sperm remains. bravo becky. ? 1 week
potato futures are at an all-time high ? 1 week
you could get paychecks all the time...if you'd get a job.. Admin 1 week
Potatoes are currently out of stock at this restaurant due to the high amount of interest generated by ? 1 week
Sit down for a moment. Breathe naturally. Close your eyes. Now picture the finest potato you have ever eaten. ? 2 weeks
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo ? 2 weeks
Eat my Fuck.
Admin 2 weeks
I am the authority I appeal to. ? 2 weeks
I cite myself as a language authority.
Admin 3 weeks
Will i make rent on time? Probably not but i did take acid today so it evens out really ? 3 weeks
Red rockets are cool, just don't suck it. ? 3 weeks
PETSCOP 11 IS OUT!!! ? 3 weeks
there isn't a jewish version of everything some things theres just the one version ? 3 weeks
Merry Christmas minions ? 3 weeks
k ? 4 weeks
All you do is obsess over Matt, constantly post about Matt, and give him all the attention he wants. Stop playing him at his own game you easily manipulated fool ? 4 weeks
When my dog got lost, I went all around and urinated so that he could follow my scent back home. My neighbors in my apartment block were not impressed ? 1 month
The national debt increased by 7.4 trillion under Obama. ? 1 month
Help from the team that creates Lipton® Recipe Secrets® and Soup Secrets® Recipe of the Day: Could be beneficial. ? 1 month
why do i not count? i am somebody :( ? 1 month
You are now a crazy old man who keeps repeating “sewer oil” to himself over and over and he rocks back and forth in the corner. ? 1 month
stop it retard ? 1 month
I have a degree in philosophy so I'm probably useless to you and your unenlightened potato ? 1 month
I'll show you my potato if you show me yours ? 1 month
Is this a question? ? 1 month
We are very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. We employ administrative, psychic and electronic measures designed to protect your information from unauthorized access. ? 1 month
u r negro ? 1 month
You'll never sell that shit in a bar full of hot daddies or hairy bears. Maybe you'll hear talk about frot as foreplay, but certainly not as a means by which to achieve orgasm. ? 1 month
im 16 bitch Admin 1 month
Vaginas are the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. ? 1 month
Every problem in your life is because you have a vagina. ? 1 month
The biggest department at Microsoft is how to do things wrong and it is the most successful. ? 1 month
If you don't have time to do drugs, then you don't have time to live. Thankfully, you've got just enough time to kill yourself.
Quit procrastinating and just fucking do it.
? 1 month
If you have time to do drugs, you have time to shower. Admin 1 month
I've always thought that "the lord is my shepherd" is a strange thing to say.
Do you know what the main ingredient of a shepherds pie is? It's fucking sheep. Sheep is the main ingredient. Shepherds don't exactly have an abundance of fish or pork to feed themselves and their families.
? 1 month
Robert Downey Jr. dead at 40 from car crash. ? 1 month
bitch ? 1 month
I don't keep kosher and I'm barely Jewish. I only look and act Jewish ? 1 month
Lapping servilely monarchical anus isn't a healthy sexual predilection. ? 1 month
Its also how you say dick in Haitian Creole ? 1 month
Seems a obsessive haughty nature that defies logic as well as the use of pictures combined with grotesque fallacies in the interpretation of language is present.

? 1 month
"The Disaster Artist", a dramatized film about Tommy Wiseau and the production of his cult classic "The Room", the "best worst movie", comes out Friday December 1st. ? 1 month
Okay, enough about me, let's discuss how YOU can enjoy dog sex. ? 1 month
Neither Robert Mueller's team nor the US Senate Intelligence Committee has bothered to contact WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, in any manner, ever. ? 1 month
People take mental stability for granted. ? 1 month
I think you got fake newsed. ? 1 month
Most people wont fight girls ? 1 month
Dropping chan-panties™ with that cold hard cash Admin 1 month