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every time i take drugs i hear voices

every time i hear voices i take drugs
? 2 days
Hört auf die Moderatoren!! ? 2 days
So no, I would never drink a penis. Admin 3 days
Is sex with your BFF bestiality? ? 3 days
Back in the 70's and 80's, i hung out wit da likes of Elton john, culture club, George Michael and Elvis b4 he passed. I was offered 2 b pall bearer, buttttttt had 2 pass because I was having satellyte issues, which needed my attention.
? 6 days
Goodnight, my little farting Nora, my dirty little fuckbird! ? 1 week
Mrs. Howard sounds like a freak! ? 1 week
Just eat the fucking onions, you childish prick. ? 1 week
would you fire someone for something someone else said they said but no one complained they did? ? 2 weeks
It's never very hard to get people to vote against their own interests.
~Abraham Lincoln
? 2 weeks
White people are notorious for snitching and not minding their own business. ? 2 weeks
2 weeks
tar -zxvf obsession.tar.gz ? 2 weeks
Where can I download some of this common sense from? ? 2 weeks
Liberals hate the idea of hatred so much, they're oblivious to the irony of their own words and actions. ? 3 weeks
I have to see your butthole to know for sure that you care 100% ? 3 weeks
I'm sure you hate being stereotyped, you fat hairy incestuous swamp-dwelling crack head. ? 3 weeks
When I used Adderall, I was obsessed with keeping a spreadsheet and running probabilities of winning based on the cards shown at the beginning. I'd play computer solitaire for hours on end. ? 3 weeks
Once you've gazed into the eyes of that estrogen-fueled maelstrom you are never the same again. ? 1 month
the civil war was really about the right to pony fuck Admin 1 month
Love yourself! ? 1 month
Latest Patch Notes: [-] Shitposting has been nerfed. [+] Quality posts have been buffed. ? 1 month
Try to not repeat yourself, or say the same thing you have just said ? 1 month
Please don't anthropomorphize. The animals hate it when you do that. ? 1 month
The constitution cannot protect people, it is people that protect the constitution. ? 1 month
There are mysterious comments that seem to appear that say I am troll. It's obvious they are monitoring me and trying to stifle free expression. ? 1 month
Big data is good and all, but I'm more excited for huge data. ? 1 month
Big data is like big tobacco. Presumed to be safe for decades and when we understood the cancer it brought, it was hard for people to quit. ? 1 month
Just because it isn't popular doesn't mean it's bad. ? 1 month
Are you a mathmatician or do you just really enjoy tangents? ? 1 month
I just had my vagina cleaned this week and I'm very picky about what goes inside of it and who goes inside of it. ? 1 month
There is not a single intelligent poster left on this board. I am being forced to consider ending this project for good. ? 1 month
Is that what an anus looks like without hair? ? 1 month
Like you know how to fly a chopper..pussy.. Admin 1 month
I just Facebooked your mom ? 1 month
I thought medicine was a great scientific career until I discovered it involved a lot of suffering, sick people. ? 1 month
I almost bled to death playing Battlefield 2 with my mates at an internet cafe in Newmarket (I could feel the blood rush out of me but I didn't do anything till we finished the round).

The reason for the bleeding was from a miscarriage a year prior & I was never quite clear of the exact cause of the bleeding but they performed another D&C procedure & that fixed things right up

? 1 month
When you're wrong you keep getting angrier because you know you're wrong. ? 1 month
There are way too many fucking psycho trolls and bots polluting this board with their worthless shit. Many more quality posters are needed. ? 2 months
I have Tourette's ? 2 months
I have a parrot ? 2 months
Is a parrot an appropriate pet for someone with Tourette's syndrome? ? 2 months
what am i looking at
i think i see butthole
? 2 months
Communism has never worked other than in the imaginations of young, ignorant people who actually live in capitalist countries. ? 2 months
Have you heard of Facebook? They're saying it's the new Myspace! ? 2 months
if the earth is round then why am I white but some people are black? ? 2 months
🅱️ Mod 2 months
I need an injection. An injection of quality topics.
~The Board
? 2 months
Can I post bulletins nao? ? 2 months