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pray for those lost in a recent tragedy. thanks ? 7 hours
fake anon is gay ? 7 hours
The first person who makes a topic about this bulletin will receive 1 compliment.
-Fake anon
? 1 day
Modern feminism: because being a housewife was just too damn degrading. ? 2 days
You're just a self-absorbed aspie moron ? 2 days
Instead of being real and involving racism which we would carry out, we instead failed all the generations before us by treating the Internet as a popularity contest. ? 3 days
Jesus Christ, do not send any mods your identification. ? 4 days
When my dog got lost, I went all around and urinated outside so that he could follow my scent back home. ? 1 week
We don't take kindly to happy, friendly people here.

? 1 week
Please try not to use such absurd, and obviously, fabricated arguments. This is an adult fora for intellectual discussion. Thanks. ? 1 week
The church is an assembly of men, who assert that they, and they only, are in the full possession of the truth ? 1 week
There is no hard line between the digital world and the so-called real world. ? 1 week
Hipsters enjoy membership in a global cadre of select individuals who possess special, enlightened knowledge that will bring about a New World Hipness. Basically, a beneficent Illuminati armed with unpleasant body odour and knowledge of obscure indie music. ? 1 week
I'm always glad to have the opportunity to speak openly, without fear of Ms. r04r twisting my words in a smarmy attempt to base racial definitions on lineage ? 2 weeks
So fucking hot when they shout angry Japanese then fuck you with a sword ? 2 weeks
VR actually stands for Virtual Racism and it only reflects reality ? 2 weeks
Easter is chocolate day, not Jesuses day. ? 2 weeks
The moral of the story is: Have a normal dick. ? 3 weeks
This bulletin has been removed by Sony Music Entertainment ? 3 weeks
I'm on my period I don't need this right now ? 3 weeks
Americans: remember to bow to your Eternal God Emperor. Just because Trump has won the election doesn't mean you can take your pictures of me off your walls. I am in a higher position than president. ? 3 weeks
You can't fail if you don't try ? 3 weeks
Has Hillary been banished to the shadow realm? ? 3 weeks
Honk me baby one more time! ? 1 month
Do as the board tells you and restore an UID that was made on a computermachine. ? 1 month
My autocorrect is ducked ? 1 month
People in the near future will grow OLDER ? 1 month
If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success? ? 1 month
What if you are coding, banging a hot chick, or taking a shit? You need to multitask. ? 1 month
The purpose is to cause drama, have fun and bask in autism. ? 1 month
My Italian leather couch is made from the skin of real Italians... ? 1 month
I wake up in the morning with nothing to do, and by the time I go to bed I'm only half done. ? 1 month
"Only a meme lord will hold the keys to my heart"

~Fake Anon
? 1 month
most points become stronger if you include some mild racism ? 1 month
Indy is in the dire straits of the USAmerican imperialists to accept the exploitation of the bourgeoisie, and occasionally returns home to feel the warm influence of communism. ? 1 month
I have no tyme in my life for people who are less than pure white ? 2 months
There are way drink lemon juice pure and eat peanut butter. I help i have only have someone in me twice but i love my dildo and for a year i did not no but it help and also tighten your but every 30 min. Skeezz it together over and over
? 2 months
Reverse psychology always works. Which means reverse psychology never works. ? 2 months
hows about a little more afternoons work with the palette cowgirl or not -

I have other ideas aboard if you should run out.
? 2 months
I think that if you simply leave a comment you are a commenter. If you keep up a commentary on the comments of other commenters you might be a commentator. I'm not sure where you would fall if you were commenting on the comments of a commentator. Probably a shitposter ? 2 months
✡🔫😀 ? 2 months
Hey Syntax: This is off-topic, but I'm writing a book on MCA DiscoVision and I've seen you mention your involvement with the project elsewhere here, so I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a private discussion. Thanks! ? 2 months
I use to think "brought to you by" was "Brotieued By" I assumed from context clues to "brotieu" was to "sponser" ? 2 months
Feels dirty having to register for a place where men who lick shit off dicks hang out ? 2 months
I never troll because I believe everything that I say. ? 3 months
You want to post, you got to pay the troll toll ? 3 months
Sometimes I just wait around to be banned. ? 3 months
t[sub]i[sub]n[/sub]y[/sub]di[sup]ck[/sup]s ? 3 months
я не люблю людей ? 3 months
You will be banned as soon as your poster account is found acting as both female and male. ? 3 months