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I only found this one day ago, and I’m a fan already. Keep up the great work, and do not let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t pursue this. It’s far better than war. Admin 3 hours
I truly believe I can interact and learn from dolphins in a way I could never learn from from other people. ? 3 hours
What if rocks are actually soft but they tense up when we touch them? ? 17 hours
Attention Minichan! Keep calm and carry on! ? 3 days
Just as Bombay, as in Bombay potatoes is now Mumbai ? 4 days
All of that is nothing compared to the disappointed-dad-face White Jesus will give you when you get to the gates of heaven. ? 6 days
I can't believe it is THE CURRENT YEAR and people somehow have their OWN OPINIONS
How can it be THE CURRENT YEAR and yet there are people who have opinions that deviate from what I deem acceptable?
If I keep reminding you it is THE CURRENT YEAR I hope to detail the argument by making you seem primitive. This is a form of an ad hoc fallacy in THE CURRENT YEAR
? 1 week
I've been told I'm condescending
(that means I talk down to people)
? 1 week
Fact of the Day: Did you know that only (((((10^2)14)/1.4)/5)/2) out of 100 gay men in America are actually homosexual? ? 1 week
Yes, shitty people exist and they use the internet to say shitty things ? 1 week
i allready disengaged autocorrect because they apply to standard language and make it seem i am retarded ? 1 week
( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) (•_ㅅ_•) ? 1 week
I'm so grateful to be alive in 2017, when men have the equal opportunity to be gold digging spouses ? 1 week
The only reason fur is murder but leather is not, is because it is easier to harass rich women than it is to harass motorcycle gangs ? 2 weeks
Good lord. I could fit both of my lady feet in there. Haha vaginas are amazing ? 2 weeks
Do you even read what you write, or is this one of those "insane person doesn’t realize he’s insane" things? ? 2 weeks
If you Google image search "gaping mare pussy" you will find that they can stretch to surprising lengths. ? 2 weeks
I think ur doin the right thing. I'd love to have girlfriend that fucked her big dog, and blowing him. Turns me on as hell. ? 2 weeks
Stoic Thought of the Day (2nd September): Go fuck a shit up your ass. ? 2 weeks
Ah a chance to display some of my more expertise. ? 2 weeks
greasy meatfarts arent a bamnabe bofense ? 2 weeks
I have been suffering with this urgent need to have a BM all week. My rectum is totally empty, but I can expel a jelly like substance if I strain hard enough. I was on amoxicilin and got very horrible diarrhea, so I stopped taking it Monday. It is now Thursday and I still have this feeling I need to go. I think I will prolapse my rectum eventually. I wonder if I took too many immodium, also. ? 2 weeks
- I fucking love your dick!
- Fuck me all night!
- Fuck me harder!
Admin 3 weeks
I'm not at a homeless shelter right now and I'm okay with that ? 3 weeks
"We spy to keep you safe"
"We spy to prevent terror"
"We are the good guys"
"We don't spy on you"
"What we do is legal"

~USAmerican intelligence agencies
? 3 weeks
Here's the thing though... If you are in Mexico you don't have to explain shit to anybody, you just say you want salsa and you get some fucking salsa. No Encyclopedia De Salsa needed to get a bowl of salsa in Mexico. They know how to do it already because they're Mexicans living in Mexico. Admin 3 weeks
Green is a whorish color ? 3 weeks
You on the other hand mostly swear and post weird porn. ? 1 month
Nothing wrong with some good old donkey pussy ? 1 month
HONK ? 1 month
Don't let anyone wearing bad makeup tell you shit about life. ? 1 month
September 6th: Bulgarian Unification Day! ? 1 month
meta fucks like a drivetrain as he butchers the nympho's hoochie Admin 1 month
razor goes down the street, not across fagit ? 1 month
Admin 1 month
The earth is flat for nearly all practical applications. ? 1 month
Ty tyvm ? 1 month
Maybe you just searched for "knot" and are some sailor/scoutmaster lost on the internet. ? 1 month

I am not sure you understand how chopsticks work.

? 1 month
BOGO SHITPOSTS! Are we insane? We're practically giving away shitposts here! We sell them at a loss too. You won't find a better deal anywhere! Buy one shitpost, Get one free! Limited time, Limited quantities, Get them while you can. ? 1 month
Au contrare, mom frer ? 1 month
My nigga i got an aneurism reading this shit ? 1 month
OP should be ashamed of self posting a Golf Course. Probably a fan of Trump ? 1 month
Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy. ? 1 month
The B. in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot ? 1 month
every time i take drugs i hear voices

every time i hear voices i take drugs
? 1 month
Hört auf die Moderatoren!! ? 1 month