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Me I will raise my pecker the next time I need to take a long piss and piss in the bowl in memory of Nexus. ? 3 days
How much soil does r04r have on her desk anyway? ? 3 days
Rats always scurry for the dark. Why are they so good at lighting events? ? 6 days
when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question ? 6 days
Will the Jews always be shunned by all the people of every country that has come into contact with them? ? 1 week
Human happiness does not seem to have been included in the design of creation ? 1 week
You can't be brave if you are not afraid ? 1 week
Pissing babies out your dick.
Admin 1 week
Being obsessed with Matt is weird. ? 1 week
Some people just don't learn, which is naturally frustrating ? 1 week
Have you ever stolen panties? ? 2 weeks
? 2 weeks
Go ahead take a look don't be shy ? 2 weeks
This is what happens when you send me unsolicited dick pics! ? 2 weeks
It really makes you wonder who is benefiting from inflating the holocaust numbers...

? 2 weeks
Also terrific with Lipton® Recipe Secrets® Onion Soup ? 3 weeks
I'm averaging about nine showers a week.. ? 3 weeks
Xe would probably be offended you assumed he was a xe. ? 3 weeks
I R Engineer so we Engineers defer to published toxicity information. ? 3 weeks
Men know that constantly self-proclaiming male 'feminists' are often predatory sleaze bags. ? 3 weeks
I am sorry but I am not Matt you stupid fucking obsessed twit! ? 3 weeks
Read the label, bitchtits. ? 4 weeks
This is for people who can not get approval for download from maloumnog server or a psychopath who checks personal information. ? 1 month
If spreading information about psychotic cuntbots is all it takes for fucktards to kill THE GREATEST FUCKING SITE IN THE WORLD, then the problem isn't AnonTalk ? 1 month
If spreading information about an increasingly militarized police force killing unarmed black men is all it takes for Russia to sway a US election, then the problem isn’t Russia ? 1 month
I can't recommend enough that you have got to get a fuck tarp. Lay down a good quality fuck tarp before you do any of that shit. I don't trust the Wall Mart fuck tarps. Admin 1 month
buttsecks hurr hurr hurrrrrrrrrrrr ? 1 month
Can you use a turkey baster as a penis pump? Asking for a friend. ? 1 month
The constitution was written when people were using scythes and hoes - the writers did not anticipate the sheer power of modern gardening equipment. It's absurd that ownership of weed whackers, with their high capacity fuel canisters and tactical pistol grips, is not tightly regulated ? 1 month
I R Engineer so we Engineers defer to published toxicity information. ? 1 month
Are you a legit non-lesbian female with a biological puss? ? 1 month
Everyone can just fuck off. I'm 10,000x nicer than most of you deserve. This entire world is full of rude, uncooperative, disloyal, indifferent, psychotic, malicious fucktards.
? 1 month
ugly people have the right to be unnatractive, but when you repeatedly "thrust" your misshapen ugly ass into the greater community's view and then get made fun of you can't really complain ? 1 month
Try not being a trump vibe. ? 1 month
What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months. ? 1 month
Demographics for felines are called categories ? 1 month
Georgia 41
Tennessee 0
? 1 month
I don't think I can get any more single than I currently am ? 1 month
At some point in the future there is going to be a reckoning for allowing so many firms to collect so much info on us. ? 1 month
You know what’s a really easy way to not end up disproportionately represented in jail? Don’t commit crimes.
~White people
? 1 month
Oh wait, no way, your kidding, he didn't just Tweet what I think he did, did he? ? 1 month
Reminder for all minorities to drive cautiously and avoid the man ? 1 month
Is it okay to punch Grammar Nazis and Write Supremacists? ? 1 month
Sorry for the downtime. Continue per usual. ? 1 month
Don't feed minichan mogwai after midnight ? 1 month
I am pretty wet m ? 1 month
> You will never be 33 years old and watching colorful cartoons aimed at 9 year olds
? 1 month
I am pretty wet rn
Admin 1 month
something something potatoes etc ? 1 month
I am not going on a cruise to stand on a woman that would cost more opportunities in my car for some of me that gets in my mouth ? 1 month