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I have always had an obsession for cock. It is the perfect sexual organ. ? 5 hours
youarenowbrowsingmanually ? 5 hours
Military grade shitposting ? 11 hours
Am I wrong ? I ask you ? Am I wrong? Should I ask my motha? ” Mom ? Mom ? Am I wrong? Am I ? No ! My Motha says no. ? 1 day
You know you've hit rock bottom when you dream of getting private messages from trannies. Admin 4 days
This is Dave's life now. It's all he has left. ? 6 days
You need to be logged in to log out. Please log in to log out. ? 6 days
Nice madpost ? 1 week
Definitely try and avoid deaths though they'll look into you heavy and that's never good. ? 1 week
but hey at least you're white congrats! ? 1 week
As far as I'm concerned, you're already exacting your revenge on people by calling them "ppl" ? 1 week
We all like what we prefer and we have no choice about that ? 1 week
Shallow and narrow in both vagina and mind. ? 1 week
I am not ashamed to admit that my girlfriend has a far bigger penis than mine. Thanks. ? 2 weeks
There is someone out there who is pining for a below average man with a mediocre penis and hair trigger to wriggle around on top of them for a euphoric minute, before being sullied in your ejaculate this Valentine's day. ? 2 weeks
you are merely wasting away your life by responding to me pretending to be him. What am I doing with my life though? ? 2 weeks
This bulletin is an egregious example of legislative overreach. ? 2 weeks
Reminder: "we" posting is a bannable offense ? 2 weeks
r04r always wears that "pants around your ankles" outfit

? 2 weeks
Snowflake person, have you looked around to experienced the reality? ? 2 weeks
I'm always rich when I'm drunk. Everyone around me benefits from this except me ? 2 weeks
"there is no black dad"

~ken griffey sr
? 3 weeks
Your mom is a man and your dad loves it ? 3 weeks
He has a woman lawyer? What a dick, having a woman to sue Men.. Fuck that hire a man to do the job. Why put money in a women's wallet? Women don't deserve anything, they haven't paid their dues. Only a female apologist will disagree. Women haven't earned anything. ? 3 weeks
Well, I need to keep the lights on. To make sure she doesn't slip a condom on me mid sex, because contraception is sinful. ? 3 weeks
You never had a chance with his sister, shut up you braggart fag lib cuck. ? 3 weeks
Remember sitting in history class, thinking “If I was alive then, I would’ve...”
Well you’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is what you would’ve done. Thanks
? 3 weeks
Unban me ? 4 weeks
Most companies don't force journalists to be biased they just hire biased journalists in the first place ? 4 weeks
The terms illegal and unlawful are interchangeable from a purely technical standpoint ? 1 month
Looks like the hormones might be harming your database. ? 1 month
What happens when we die? Who cares, we won't be alive to find out. ? 1 month
We're having some database issues. These should be resolved soon, and we apologize for the inconvenience. The details have been logged for administrative review. ? 1 month
Eating pussy and kicking ass will make America great again ? 1 month
my kids can do as many drugs as they want as long as they never write any fucking poems ? 1 month
I'm not drunk, I'm just big boned. ? 1 month
The ancient Greeks used dick cheese as a natural chapstick ? 1 month
I've been told my smegma tastes of Pomegranate Gumdrop ? 1 month
I'm probably talking out of my ass though, since I'm too lazy to look it up and do fact checking. ? 1 month
i have sworn off tinydicks forever. forever. ? 1 month
Gnocchi is not pasta. It's potatoes. ? 1 month
v We're so glad we didn't abort you, sweetie. ? 1 month
Hi mom. Dis bulletin 4 u <3 ? 1 month
It would be really nice if you would do your best not to be condescending. ? 1 month
Aww that's so cute! I hope I don't wake up tomorrow! ? 1 month
Kiwi Farms, e kōre koe e mārama ki te kōre koe nō Aotearoa nei. ? 1 month
In an age of limitless information, ignorance is a choice. ? 1 month
The shoutbox is the hot new social media trend sweeping the hip urban millennial demographic. Don't get left behind, start contributing to the shoutbox today. ? 1 month
Take Hair 100% out of the equation - In my experience which is 34 intimate relationships ? 1 month