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We tend to use diseases and such as swears, or tell people to lick (not kiss) our asses. ? 1 day
i regularly eat stuff off the floor ? 2 days
Hey, I think I've figured out why my posts weren't appearing on the front page. It's because I'm a butthurt faggot that constantly posts about how mad I am ? 5 days
I accept that my friend’s brother was like really shitposting in his free time with his PC. . His aunt's neighbor has done this for only 11 months and by now repaid the loan on their home and bought a new Car . ? 6 days
Join the United Derek Alliance. Thanks ? 1 week
We're not done with most of the pages still, expect out of place extras and bugs. Forever ? 1 week
Tranny Be. Buddha Know. Man Dick. The word is be. The eyes see. Man is hard or not. Real Lesbos don't have dick envy. Real Lesbos don't have dicks. ? 1 week
The means of defense against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. ? 1 week
Unaffected by decades of well funded lobbyists, USAmerican "lowest possible quality" food laws designed to maximize corporate profits are not implemented in other countries. ? 1 week
please don't ban me again...I have too much love to give.. ? 2 weeks
Why do people not realise if they don't have money they shouldn't buy things? ? 2 weeks
I have nothing, in addition to negative ? 2 weeks
USAmerican pennies are worth more as zinc scrap, so a dump truck full of pennies is worth more than a dump truck full of pennies.
? 3 weeks
ヽ(。_°)ノ ? 3 weeks
I want to make love to the world. I love people. I don't belong on Earth. Return me to yahoos ? 4 weeks
Since then I have been in the mental hospital ? 4 weeks
how do i make a fourm i have on my pc with minichan? ? 1 month
You're really going to substitute meretriciously exuded hyperfeminine snark and sass for a genuinely convincing explanation?

It looks like the LLM have got to you too, meaty robot...
? 1 month
The only
thought that helped was,
Don’t touch his penis.
? 1 month
Happy New Year! You fucking cretins ? 1 month
honk ? 1 month
I shaved my transsexually grown neckbeard because of Dr Who. Am I officially a Time Lord/Lady yet? ? 1 month
Remember, it's not only about the beard on your face, it's about the beard on your heart, and if a man shaves his beard for a woman, he deserves neither. ? 1 month
Winter came. ? 1 month
Is r04r confused, or is becky lying? You be the judge. ? 1 month
The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn ? 1 month
Are you writing dickish anonymous comments with a maligned, passive-aggressive tone? ? 1 month
Day 2434: navigating solely via keyboard commands because mouse is broke. shits surprisingly fukken neato. ? 1 month
Does this site have anything inappropriate or swears? ? 1 month
honk honk honk ? 1 month
I think the current syntax is fyne. ? 1 month
beccky: listen.. I want to taste you...I LOVE you and I want to service you several times a day AND I will help feed the cats..

? 1 month
can't you get nigger dicks off your mind...I feel sorry for you.. ? 1 month
Whenever I see someone type "tho" I always think "ugh" because that's whats missing
? 1 month
Hello r04r
What's the meaning behind choosing the name Anonymous H?
Are you trying to get us to think of Honesty and influence our subconscious that way?

? 2 months
Danish is just Swedish spoken by a drunk guy with a mouthful of potatoes ? 2 months
I hope you pour a bowl of cereal tomorrow morning, only to realize that you have no milk. ? 2 months
Bacon, coffee and liberal tears. Why?! Cuz MERICA!!! ? 2 months
you're slacking on the bulletins lately, bro ? 2 months
There just aren't a lot of eligible single people where I am, which is mostly on my couch. ? 2 months
it is 11:20 pm
about time the bulletin board was fixed..
? 2 months
do you know whats going on its Fake_Anon use becky for his own personal ego he use her to show he is a good moderator wich its not even true he is sick and look at the obeagle he use becky he is not even there for her but its scientificly proove by passing time with a woman you chimicly transform her brain so she cant get away from you this is what he do modern time woman slavery!!!! ? 2 months
test ? 2 months
beckybeck...are you out there.. its me bertybert...hope this week has been a pleasure for you...doll..
? 2 months
Dr Rieger said the study's conclusion that women who identified as being completely gay were much more aroused by their preferred sex was "amazing" ? 2 months
👮🏻 + 🙌🏿 = ☠ ? 2 months
There are Dutch women who forsake sleep and, with bloodshot eyes, play erotic PC games deep into the night, oblivious to their own deteriorating health. ? 2 months
doot doot ? 3 months